Transporting Obese Passengers

There is a growing minority of drivers who are now cancelling rides based on a riders weight. More specific, riders who may be considered obese. Reasons vary from worry of damage to their vehicle to wait times it takes for a passenger to enter and exit.

While it is your vehicle and you choose who to transport, there are certain things that should be taken into consideration.

Firstly, this is your job. You are in the business of transporting people.

Secondly, just as you should not discriminate based on someone’s race, religion e.t.c you should not discriminate based on size and weight. Doing so may not only earn you poor driver ratings but possibly even banned from the app.

Lastly, be considerate. Obese people don’t need any special treatment other than you possibly having to shift your seat forward. Simply act exactly as you would with any other rider.

What’s your opinion? We decided to ask some drivers and this is what they had to say.

“ This is one of my biggest fears. I don’t know how I would handle the situation.”

“ In my opinion obese people should be requesting a van or bigger SUV ”

“ I had something like happen to me only once. No big deal.”

“ In my case the only thing I had to do was to scootch up the front seat to make room.”

“ My rider was so big I couldn’t even see out of my passenger side window”

“ There has been serious damage caused to my car by fluffy people. Not again.”

“I had my share of that last year. I thought my suspension was going to fall apart. Just joking.”

“ While transporting a seriously big lady my tire pressure light came on”

“ That one time I had to ask her to to get in the back seat because I couldn’t shift the gears.”

“ The obese passenger I transported actually destroyed one of the armrests in my car.”

“ Not only was my rider obese he actually started eating as soon as he entered the car.”

“ Shit got real when my 500 pound pax drop her phone. Full blown scavenger hunt.”

“ I could hear my car screaming HELPPPPPPP.”

“ Once I saw a fellow driver picking up 3 plus size riders. I could see the car’s exhaust pipe hitting the road.”