Rideshare Tips to Stay Safe

In the past few months many stories of people pretending to be rideshare drivers have surfaced. A recent example of this is from a  woman in Seattle.

She said that a man who was posing as a rideshare driver tried to pick her up. The driver approached her by asking whether she was looking for an Uber and if she was his rider. When the woman requested to check his license plate he offered a smaller fee to take her to her destination. Thankfully, she refused and the guy disappeared before she had a chance to check the license plate. The police advised the woman to call 911 immediately if anything like that happens again.

Following are a few tips in order to deal with cases like this.

Request your ride while you are still inside and wait for the car to arrive for you to exit.

Always check the license plate, the driver photo and name and the make of the car in order to make sure that it matches the app before you enter the car.

Ask the driver for the name of the passenger they are picking up. Make sure to let them say your name first.

Never take a ride different from the one you selected in the app – no matter how appealing the rate might be. 

If there is no-one else with you and you are riding alone, opt in for the backseat. By doing that you and your rideshare driver will have more personal space, no unwanted touching and an easy exit for you in case something goes wrong.

You should share your trip details with a friend or a family member. The person of your choice will be able to monitor your route and make sure that you have arrived at you desired destination safely.

In the off case you feel worried and unsafe, just go with your gut, use the Panic button and call the police.