What to Do When a Pax Sits Behind You?

Usually solo passengers choose to sit in the back to your opposite side or on the rare occasion up front with you, which depending on the passenger, could be a welcomed change. Either way, you feel you are in control at all times.

But why, just why would anyone in their right mind decide to sit right behind you. It’s just plain awkward not to mention scary. In an instant your stress levels sky rocket and imagination runs wild.

Why did they do that? Are they planning to kill me? What are they hiding? These are just 3 examples of what is going through our heads.

If this is you what do you do? Do you ask drivers to swap seats and if doing so do you risk receiving a bad rating?

Politely explain to customer why it might make you uncomfortable and 9 out of 10 times they will happily comply.

Following are some driver stories and opinions on the matter.

“ I hate when they choose to do that.”

“ I make sure to tell them that they are not allowed to sit behind me.”

“ I tell them that this seat is off limits.”

“ They can sit wherever they want. It’s their choice.”

“It’s awkward as f**k! Can’t help but wonder what they are doing”

“ As soon they do that, the creepiness level hits the roof.”

“ I gives me a slight panic attack every time they do that. ”

“ I feel like I am going to be murdered at any point. Too much I know, but that is the vibe I get.”

“ Guaranteed 3 star rating for every rider that chooses to sit behind me.”

“Had a pax slide over mid trip to that side – turns out to hide doing cocaine”

“ I usually ask them to slide over to other side”

“ To be honest I don’t really care where they sit.”

“ It makes me feel so uncomfortable that I pray for the duration of the ride for them not be psycho killers.”

“Had a pax sit behind me so he could masturbate! Disgusting!”