What to Do When Pax Leave Behind Phones

How many times have you found something left behind after dropping off a passenger? Wallets, mobile phones and keys are the usual suspects.  In general the process of returning the item is pretty easy but can be a real pain.

A rider will contact Uber through the app to report a missing item. Uber will then connect the rider to you with a call. You can then have a look and confirm if the item is found. If found then you should arrange a time and place that is convenient for you both to return the missing item.

Once the item has been returned Uber will charge the passenger $15 which will go to you for your time.

We asked some of our fellow drivers what they do in these cases.

“ If the rider doesn’t ask for it within 2 days, it’s eBAY time baby.”

“ So far everything went well when I had to return an item.”

“I normally return it. Haven’t had a bad experience recently.”

“ When it comes to mobile phones I usually take it to their provider and let them deal with the passenger.”

“ Before the $15 lost item charge was introduced I had to drive for half an hour to take it back to the rider.  Received NO tip for it.”

“ I tell riders from the start that I need a GOOD tip if they want me to take it to them. Otherwise they can drive and come pick it up themselves.”

“ I choose to guilt trip the hell out of the riders until they give me a nice tip, in cash of course.”

“ One time I had the rider drive all the way to my house to pick up their phone and I still got the $15 return fee from Lyft.”

“ Once I had a rider use “Find My iPhone” feature in his phone. He ended up  showing up at my house in the middle of the night. He scared the hell out of me.”