Driver Course on How to Get 5 Star Ratings

Got deactivated for having a low passenger rating? Ensure it never happens again with a new course dedicated to teaching drivers on how to get and maintain a 5 star rating. The course costs $75 and is offered by the Independent Drivers Guild.

As we all know, even though Uber doesn’t make rating thresholds public, the popular belief is that a rating of 4.6 can easily put drivers at risk of deactivation.

The goal of the course is pretty simple, it is more about managing the customers rather than the car. Through this course drivers can learn some core skills such as how to talk, respond and deal  with passengers with emphasis given on the extremely drunk ones.

The course starts with the teacher who are rideshare drivers themself, usually with a 4.9 rating,  suggesting some easy to do things such as getting enough sleep, be well dressed, have a clean car and greeting the riders with a smile.

Apart from that, the course suggests optional extras drivers can do such as offer water and candy, opening the door for the riders, following their directions and more. 

One thing highlighted is that drivers should always try to respond to a rider’s questions but at the same time avoid talking too much. In other words speak when spoken to we guess.

In order for the course to be complete, some precautionary advice is offered as well which includes calling the police if a rider passes out, never touching a passenger and having a dashboard camera in case something bad happens so you are always covered.

The course includes some role playing exercises in order to practice these techniques. Two “students” are asked to be part of a roleplaying scenario where the one is the driver and the other is the rider and vice versa. The goal of this exercise is to learn how to treat  riders in a way that will keep the rider happy and the driver satisfied by receiving a 5 star rating.

Some drivers that have taken the course report that they were mostly satisfied with it and have pointed out that they have seen a difference in their ratings.