How to Deal With Unresponsive Passengers

Choosing to drive daytime or night is a personal preference and with each comes its own pros and cons. Some might argue that night shifts usually come with more cons as the chances of you having to deal with drinking passengers are high.

These situations can be challenging for even the most experienced driver, especially when dealing with riders that are completely intoxicated to the point where they may pass out in your backseat.

So what should you do when you have an unresponsive passenger?

First and foremost if something like this ever happens to you, be sure to never ever touch the passed out rider. This includes splashing any water on them. This is crucial as you don’t want to be falsely accused of any form of physical harassment. If you absolutely have to touch a passenger make sure you are recording the situation either with your phone or dash cam if you have one.

Once you have pulled over to a safe location you might try the following.

Start by opening the car windows for some fresh air and turn on the lights inside your car. Turn down any music that might be playing and begin speaking to the passenger. Raise your voice if necessary.

Never go through any of their personal belongings such as bag, wallet or their phone in an attempt to find their address. It is a big NO-NO.

If the passenger is still unresponsive then proceed to call the police and wait for assistance. They will then take action and escort the rider home in their vehicle.

Be sure to report the incident to Uber/Lyft immediately afterwards.

We asked some fellow drivers what they would do in a situation like this and here is what they said.

“ You are supposed to cop a feel, steal from their personal belongings, make copies of their house key, use pax card to pay for your gas & swing by the atm. duh. I am just joking.”

“ I would just call 911 immediately.”

“ I know what is happening during the night, that is why I don’t drive after 8pm.”

“ A good loud “hey – we’re here!” is generally all it takes for me.”

“ I’d pull over at the first brightly lit convenience store and call 911 – tell them what’s going on – and explaining you don’t know if they need medical attention.”

“ I would not put myself in a bad situation. Just call police right away.”

“ Next time this happens to me I will run up the bill drop them home pull off and end the trip 100 ft from drop off lol.”

“ I would just get a sharpie and put my drawing skills to a test.”

“ I have an ammonia stick in my car. Just put it next to their nose. Wide awake within seconds.”