How to Deal With Impatient Passengers

Have you ever picked up an impatient passenger? You know, the ones that immediately message you shortly after accepting a ride request. “Are you gonna be long?”, “Where are you?”, “What is taking you so long?” are just a few examples. Meanwhile, they are able to see your exact location as well as estimated time of arrival on the app. SMH.

If you have, you are not alone. Dealing with these riders ironically requires a lot of patience from your part. Shortly after picking them the second round of demands usually begins. Expect the greatest hits such as “ Can you go faster?”, “ Can you take a faster route?”, “Can you cut traffic?”, “ Use the back roads” e.t.c.

In such situations it’s important to remain calm.  It’s simply not worth breaking the law or doing anything that would put you are the passenger in any danger. Politely explain to the passenger that you are going as fast as possible and that you will be arriving soon enough.  Hopefully they will understand.

A good technique is to keep talking to the passenger. This should help distract them from the time and keep their occupied. Before you know it you’ll have arrived at your destination.

If all else fails, ‘pretend’ you are speeding. Let them know you understand the situation. This will give the impression you are on their side and really trying. It may even earn you a good rating while you’re at it.

Following we take a look at how some drivers handle impatient passengers.

“ Whenever I get a rude text I just cancel. Don’t have enough f**** to give.”

“ I never rush for anyone. If you don’t want to wait, cancel the ride.”

“ My solution? I simply pretend that I care about what they say.”

“ Cancel every time. If you have problems with them before they get in the car, you know they will be a problem in the car. ”

“ I always drive up acting like I care even if I don’t”

“ For me a “hurry up” text is definite reason for cancellation. ”

“ Every time I receive a text like that I cancel immediately and don’t even give them a reason why.”

“ I drive how I drive, if you bitch about it, you can get out. I’m not getting a ticket for $3.50.”

“ I hate the “i am late” text. It’s not my problem. Next time make sure to be ready on time.”

“ I actually had to kick someone out because they were bitching about me not going fast enough.”

“ I don’t really feel like dealing with a rude ass whiny b*** that’s probably going to give me 1 star for no apparent reason ”

“Anyone who is rude to me on the phone already is not getting into my car.”