Creepy Uber Driver Kisses Rider Holding 2 Month Old Baby

A Long Island woman has decided to sue Uber after a driver allegedly propositioned her and kissed her — all while her 2-month-old daughter rode along.

Maryna Yaramiachuk claims that on Sep. 30 of last year her driver — referred to only as Abdo — “turned simple banter into a sexual conversation regarding our client’s sex life,” according to the new Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

According to the court papers, the driver asked Yaramiachuk if her husband satisfied her in the bedroom and then he proceeded by grabbing her thigh and offering up his nearby apartment where they could “have a good time”.

The documents say that Yaramiachuk, “was scared because she was unsure how far he would go while her newborn was in the car”.

Yaramiachuk said that “I was praying to God to make it to Brooklyn. I had the Uber application on just to make sure I was going the right way. He could drive wherever he wants, turn off the application and do something bad”.

When she arrived at her parents’ home in Brooklyn the driver allegedly put his hands on her and kissed her, the court papers say.

He didn’t stop there. That day he tried to call her 3 times.

After this incident, she is afraid to leave her house and goes to therapy.

The 30-year-old woman says she complained to the ride-sharing app which refunded her $29 fare, apologized and said they would temporarily suspend the driver while they investigated. But she says she never heard back about the conclusions of their investigation.

The lawsuit states that Uber doesn’t properly train or vet its drivers and they negligently hired Abdo.

A spokesperson with Uber said the company conducts background checks for all its drivers but could not specifically comment on the case.