Can You Advertise on Your Car?

Making money as a rideshare driver these days has become ever more  difficult due changing bonuses, declining rates, e.t.c.

Do you carry on as is, quit and look for something else, or find a way to maximize being a professional driver.

If you chose the last option, then perhaps advertising is for you.

It turns our that there are tons of advertising companies desperately looking for drivers willing to allow their vehicle to be used as advertising space? Options vary from wrapping your car in display ads to beaming advertisements directly at your riders’ eyeballs with a window mounted projector.

I am sure that a lot of you wonder whether or not you are allowed to do this. I am here to tell you that yes you can, if your state permits it that is. Since rideshare drivers are considered independent contractors the companies have very little control over what you do with your car and how you choose to customize or decorate it.  

In order to get a better ideas of all the available options let’s take a look at what some advertising companies are offering.


The company will pay drivers a flat $100 a month to cover their car in advertisements. In some cases this amount might rise to $200 a month or follow an hourly rate format with the caveat that they have to park their vehicles in high traffic areas. The company doesn’t have high mileage requirements making it suitable for every driver. Carvertise will pay for the installation and removal of the advertisement.


Wrapify wants to wrap your car in an advertisement. As mentioned previously the company will pay for the installation and removal of the advertisement. The amount of money the owner of the car will receive depends on the campaign, the market, your mileage and the size of the wrap. This option is ideal for full time rideshare drivers who will have the ability to earn $264 – $452 per month.


Firefly wants to install a LED sign on the top of your car. The sign will showcase various different targeted advertisements . Even though Firefly is still in its beta stage, it can be found all over San Fransisco and Los Angeles. Based on drivers that have tested the concept, the money that a driver can earn can reach all the way up to $300 every two weeks.


It is a new startup still in its beta stage. The company will pay drivers to install a laser projector in their car that projects ads onto your passenger window when the car is parked or not being used. Basically it turns the window into a big LED screen. Full-time drivers can earn up to $300 a month. So far the company can only be found in San Fransisco with plans to expand soon.